Common Problems Associated with Heat Pumps and Ways to Resolve Them

A heat pump is the most essential part of heating and cooling systems in the house. This is because a heat pump’s work is to heat the house during the cold seasons and cool the house during the warmer seasons. A heat pump is preferred by many people today because it saves on energy. This is so because instead of generating the heat, it simply transfers it from one place to the other. Many people, especially those living in areas with extremely hot and cold seasons have a heat pump.

There are several problems that can be associated with a heat pump. Here are some of the problems and the ways to resolve them:

1. Icing up during winter

As mentioned earlier, many of the people with heat pumps in their homes are those that experience winters, summers, autumn and spring seasons. During winter, the outside of the heat pump will mostly be covered by frost and even ice. However, the unit will automatically defrost and get rid of the ice and frost. When the unit is fully covered with the ice and frost at the top, this may be a problem that may need urgent fixing. This can even lead to permanent damage of the heat pump if it is not corrected early.

Ways to resolve it

– Do not use a sharp or hard object to remove the frost and ice. This is because the coils are very delicate and can therefore get damaged very easily.
– Get rid of all the snow and debris that may appear to be blocking the unit from functioning properly.
– Repair any gutters that may be damaged and therefore leaking water onto the unit.
– Consult with your HVAC service providers on any issues on your system’s defrosting process.

2. The unit may be running constantly

This is one of the common problems you may be having with your heat pump. This problem may be due to the difficulties your heat pump has in achieving the low set temperature. The heat pump may seem to be constantly running especially in the cold seasons. However, heat pumps are designed to run constantly and put out less heat compared to the furnaces. However, when you notice that the temperature on your heat pump is way above the mid-30s, this may be a sign that you are having problems with your heat pump.

Ways to resolve it

– Check the size of the unit to determine if it is capable of handling the space required with ease. This is because when the system is significantly smaller, it may be prone to experiencing this kind of problems.
– You should also check your space to ensure it is properly insulated. This will help you identify the poorly insulated areas and fix them to prevent heat loss.
– You can also contact your HVAC service providers to help you with the maintenance of the system.


A heat pump is one of the most crucial and important things to people living in areas where there are extremely cold and warm seasons. Even with new technology coming out, having a quality pump in your home is a must these days.  This is because a heat pump warms the house during the cold months and cools the house during the warm seasons. So, while we’ve highlighted common problems and fixes above, it’s vital that you stay alert to warning signs and make sure your pump is working correctly all year round.