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How dirty carpets affect air quality and what you can do about it?

The carpets are the most important of our life as we use them to add a beautiful look to our homes and offices. It is a fact that choosing the right type of carpet and then getting it installed is quite a difficult job but the real job starts after purchasing the carpet because this is the time when you are supposed to keep the carpet maintained very carefully.

Usually, people don’t pay much attention to the regular cleanliness unless the stains start appearing on the surface of the carpet. The regular cleanliness of the carpets is extremely important whether the stains appear on the carpet or not. After every 5-6 months, you must take help from a carpet cleaning service like Vancouver carpet cleaning to clean your carpet from the dirt.

In today’s article, we are going to talk about the damages that you may suffer from if you do not clean your carpet regularly. The dirt that keeps storing in the carpet puts a severe impact on the air quality. Here is some information on how the quality of air is affected due to dirty carpets.

Unpleasant Odors

Some dirty carpets start spreading the unpleasant odors in the air. The material used in some carpets has the ability to accumulate some unwanted microorganisms like yeast, molds, bacteria, and some other things. These are the microorganisms that play an important role in spreading the unpleasant odor in the air.

Therefore, you need to remove them from the carpet as soon as possible otherwise, they will cause a lot of problems. The growth of these microorganisms will be boosted if you did not pay any attention to cleaning the carpet on time. The extended growth of the microorganisms would definitely spread lots of unpleasant odors in your home or office. Delaying the cleaning process would make many things difficult for you.

Health issues

The dirt carpets do not only spread the unpleasant odors in the air but they also spread some harmful bacteria in the air that may make you suffer from several health issues. Sometimes, these health problems become so dangerous that they lead you to the harmful health issues like asthma, cancer and skin rashes. Therefore, you must focus on cleaning the carpets regularly so that you may stay healthy and fresh.

Affect the furniture

The dirty carpets would also cause some severe damage to the furniture in your room. Thus, it may cost you a lot of money because you’d have to spend a lot of money on cleaning the carpet and buying new furniture for the room. Here is some more information on how dirty carpets affect the air quality in your home or office.