The Pros and Cons of Using an Oiled Filled Heater in Your Home

oil filled heater

Heaters are essential in a home, especially during the cold winter months. There are different types of heaters available in the market.  One type is oil filled heaters. Most homeowners consider this the safest type.  Like most home appliances, an oil filled heater has its own pros and cons.

The Pros

Reduced chance of setting things on fire

An oil heater does not have any exposed heating panels or filaments. This reduces the chances of the heater setting things on fire. Some models also have an auto power-off feature which kicks in whenever the heater is knocked over or at high temperatures to avoid overheating.

No noise

Unlike most other types, an oil filled heater does not have fans. This enables it to be silent, even when it’s been in use for a long period, making it a great option for heating bedrooms and resting areas.

Spreading heat around the room

Rather than directing the heat towards a specific direction in a room, an oil filled heater will spread the heat across the whole room.

Larger heating surface

Unlike ceramic heaters, oil filled heaters have large surface areas giving them an advantage when it comes to heating large rooms.

Can be used with a thermostat

An oil filled heater can be coupled with a thermostat to make it energy efficient. When the room is heated to the optimal temperature, the thermostat lets the heater sleep – saving power until the temperature drops below the set level.

Keeping heat

Unlike other types, i.e. ceramic heaters, an oil filled heater does not cool down quickly when turned off. This ensures that it still spreads heat for a while after being switched off.

The Cons

Long cool down and heat up time

An oil filled heater will not provide instant heat because it can take up to 15 minutes to heat up. It also takes a while to cool down.

Slow heat circulation

Compared to other types, oil filled heaters do not have fans and, as such, cannot quickly spread the heat around the whole room.

Heavy and large

The large heating surface of an oil filled heater makes it heavy to move around compared to other types of heaters.

Freezing pipes

In cold weather, the pipes of old oil filled heater models used to freeze. However, this is no longer an issue with newer models that come with an anti-freeze.

Final Verdict

The advantages of an oil filled heater far out way the cons.  This makes owning an oil filled heater essential, especially during the cold seasons.