Types of Infrared Heaters


Infrared heaters are unique because they produce heat that is similar to the sun. Additionally, the infrared light is not very visible since it is beyond the spectrum that we see. Notably, people and things around an infrared get warm up since the invisible light from the infrared heater gets absorbed by the clothes, skin and other objects surrounding it. Infrared heaters require minimal maintenance as they do not have any moving parts causing the heater to wear out hence can be used for an extended period. We have different types of heaters classified according to the wavelength they emit, for instance, the far-infrared, the near infrared and the medium infrared heater. Reviews of Infrared Heater will give you an idea on settling for a really good infrared heater.


The far-infrared heater uses fairly big panels which produce a long wave of infrared radiations making it possible for the heater to be used in costly infrared saunas. The technology applied in the heater does not heat the air of the room directly. Hence it is crucial to make use of the exposure of available surfaces that re-emit the warmth produced to create a warmth that is present all-round the area. The benefit of using this type of heater is the fact that its heating elements are at a moderately low temperature and hence the radiator do not produce emissions as well as produce dust. This feature makes it possible for individuals with allergies to enjoy the heater without fear of suffering from any allergies.


The near-infrared heaters are designed to concentrate heat in a specific direction making the heaters convention to provide warmth in a sauna. Also, we have gas-fired near infrared heaters which use natural gas or propane to produce the near infrared. The heater produces high temperatures which act as an advantage to the owner since that feature enables the user to cook as well as carry out welding using the heater. However, the heater should not be placed too close to the human or animal skin since it can cause burns or eye damage if the person or animal is continuously exposed to the heat.

Medium Infrared

Medium infrared heaters produce deep red light. Often, the medium infrared heater is used to carry out manufacturing processes like welding of plastic parts, curing of coatings, and print toner curing as well as industrial dying. All these applications are possible since the heater emits temperatures of 500 to 8000 C. Additionally, this type of heaters can be used in both public and commercial places to exude warmth.


The three types of infrared heaters are environmentally friendly and costly useful, however, to choose the required type of heater that depends on the needs of the individual. However, the infrared heaters can get extremely hot and hence should be placed in a secure location away from both children and pets to avoid injuries.