DIY Repair Tips for Portable Air Conditioners

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Air conditioners can be lifesavers in the scorching heat of summer. If your place doesn’t have central air, portable air conditioners are the right choice for you to cool the hot and humid setting you often find yourself in. However, like any other type of cooling system, you need to be careful about their care, as a nonworking air conditioner is an unpleasant situation when you’re smothered by the warm temperature.

A non-functioning portable air conditioner may increase the cost of your electricity bill as when it’s not working properly, it will spend more power to improve its efficiency. Moreover, if the filter of your air conditioner is dirty or dusty, it may prevent air flow and as a result, your room may not be fully cooled. This is why it’s often asked,
what is the best portable air conditioner on the market? With so many varying factors, a lot of people end up with AC units they wish they never had. But, the good news is, you can often fix these little cooling units yourself. There may be many reasons for your portable air conditioners to go bad, but you don’t need to call a technician or throw away your conditioner immediately; there are many DIY repair methods that can save your portable air conditioners and your money.

Best DIY Repair Tips for Your Portable Air Conditioner

Change the filter
Filters are the most worked mechanisms in an air conditioner; therefore, they can cause problems frequently. Thankfully, portable air conditioners include washable and detachable filters so that you can clean them or replace with a new filter. Our suggestion is to change your filter with better functioning ones such as carbon or anti-microbial filters.

broken small ac unit

Changing your filters every 3 months is highly recommended, as the longer your air conditioner uses the filter, the more dust, lint, smoke or pollen will stick to your filter and pollute your air. With easy operation, you can replace your filters without needing a technician. 

Use a short hose
If your portable air conditioner can’t cool your place enough, that may be because there’s something hindering your hose with the conditioner. If so, check your hose and see if there’s anything in it. If not, the main problem can be the hose itself. Long hoses may not vent the hot air as well as shorter hoses, thus, changing your hose with a shorter one may be an easy and effective repair. 

Adjust your venting system
Your portable air conditioner needs to vent the warm air to the outside. Therefore, make sure its venting system works properly for the sake of your conditioner. You can set up the venting system easily if you have windows in your room, as most portable air conditioners are designed for venting through windows. However, don’t let this discourage you from buying a portable AC if your room doesn’t have any windows, as there are other venting forms such as venting through a glass door or the ceiling. Both forms don’t require more than venting through the window and can be easily installed by using specific venting kits. There are also other methods for venting such as using the chimney, floor, or a different room. 

Portable air conditioners are definitely one of the most practical and useful products for cooling your room, office, and many other indoor places, or even if you want to live that van life. Like any other electric devices, they may stop working properly for various reasons; yet you can solve their problem without needing a technician after you read and implement the above DIY repair tips for your portable air conditioners. …